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#Woordfees2018: Confetti, heartbreak and hopeless romance in Half-Leeg

Half-Leeg, a production written and directed by Tara Notcutt featuring Cintaine Schulte, with translation by Amy Jeptha was also one of the productions to be staged in the newly revamped, beautifully crafted, HB Thom Theatre in Stellenbosch. The production is presented by The Pink couch and is supported by NATi (an organization that’s supporting quite a few productions at Woordfees this year). The story revolves around Victoria, a hopeless romantic, who finds herself sitting in in a bar, a party bus and finally her own private space (her mind), reflecting on the circumstances which led her to this point.

Half-Leeg was first staged at the Aardklop National Arts Festival in 2017. It was Cintaine's very first solo production, which was an exciting challenge for her. She was thrilled to join forces with her former fellow UCT friend and alumnus Tara Notcutt, who approached her for the role. Tara recently made South African theatre history by being the first female director to direct a Shakespearian play with an all female cast and creative team. These two talented artists have undoubtedly come a long way since their student days. And along with Amy Jeptha's translation, they have tremendously grown and developed the script.

Cintaine Schutte is a well-known face within the South African entertainment industry, having had roles on Kyknet series Phil101 and, Die Kasteel. With a sharp sense of humour, Cintaine plays a character who is not afraid to speak her mind, whilst simultaneously creeping in with her endearing vulnerability. It is a treat to see her reflect on the awful Hen Party she had to attend (for the sake of her best friend), being the other woman, as well as the realisation that the man of her dreams might not be all who he claims to be.

Tara wanted to keep things as simple as possible, keeping in mind that she, in future, would possibly be travelling to various festivals with this production. With this is mind she created three various worlds within the play. Firstly, the bar that the actress is currently sitting in at the beginning of the play followed by the party bus which she shares with the audience from about early on that evening and lastly, her small, intimate, private space of her own.

The set was simplistic, it consists of a chair and small table upon which she frequently rests her drink(s). Her sparkly costume reflects the colourful lighting to set the different worlds. And who could forget the much appreciated confetti surprise towards the end. Another highlight is the cleverly compiled playlist which consists of music from throughout the 90s as well as the early 2000s. It is/was the soundtrack of Victoria's mind where the various songs each depict something about where she is at and what she is feeling at each and every moment. And oh boy, did it take trigger some memories of my own.

Half-Leeg has concluded their run at Woordfees 2018. But rest assured, this is only the beginning for the production team. They will also be having performances at KKNK from 31 March to 3 April 2018.

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