• Herschelle Benjamin

#Woordfees2018: Mike & Mavis got me laughing, smiling and aww-ing…

Mike en Mavis, a production written by Wessel Pretorius and directed by Gerrit Schoonhoven is charming, funny and delightful. A must-see for all ages at the Woordfees-festival this year. Starring and produced by Wilson Dunster and Elize Cawood, this romantic comedy will make you reconsider all those preconceived ideas about ageing romance and real true love. I was at a loss for words for how timeless and ageless the power of love defeats all obstacles life might throw at you.

This production will definitely give movies like The Notebook and The Vow a run for their money. And the fact that you get to experience it live is even more worthwhile. Maybe you’re a sentimental old soul or maybe you just believe in the magic of true love, either way this production will leave you hopeful and grateful we get to experience LOVE as the most deepest and valuable emotion(s) that make the journey of life a lot more bearable. So there I was, laughing, smiling and aww-ing with a much more mature audience and for 60 minutes I got to meet Mavis, Mike, Mielies and Deidre, the travelling daughter of Mavis whom at 35 has had more relationships and break-ups her mother had her whole life!

What stood out for me is the deeper contextual empathy the writer wrote these characters. Mavis comes across as the loving, sweet, tough-love mother many of us have and even though she is widowed, her spark for life and her daughter’s WhatsApp messages will make you root for her to experience the love she was meant to have. Or the greater love she also deserves to experience at her age.

Played with nuances and charm, Wilson Dunster, made me feel like I have no right to review his performance. The same with Elize Cawood. They are veterans and still I was in awe of the technical ease and comfort they portrayed their characters. The combination is just heavenly-made! Elize, who is also in the critically acclaimed BuiteLand at the Festival this year, made Mavis real and human! And the best thing about good acting is it doesn’t need tricks. That’s why I preferred the minimal props and functionally yet visually pleasing staging from director Gerrit Schoonhoven. What a treat it was!

If you want to find out who Mielies is and how real-life married couple and veteran actors, Elize Cawood and Wilson Dunster make you feel nostalgic about an old love or hopeful for prospect love even at a much older age, then you can see them at Woordfees from 2 - 6 March. and KKNK from 29 March t0 1 April 2018.


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