• Herschelle Benjamin

#Woordfees2018: A child-like experience with enough fun for adults.

From animal sounds, big expressions, pure emotions and captivating storylines, In die Woud and Cindershoeler offers children’s theatre on a platter, or rather, a slushie, that would leave any child craving more. The Productions features a group of actors included Jurgen Romario McEwan, Kurt Jonas, Caleb Petersen and Athina Jansen under the boldy expressive directorial hand of Chenal Kock. They won the 2017 KKNK Kanna-award for the Best Children’s Theatre Production. It is indeed understandable and deserving!

Cindershoeler started as an cabaret performed by the director Chenal Kock while she was at university studying Drama and Theatre studies. I was fortunate enough to have seen the cabaret and was pleasantly surprised to see the change of genres with their performance at the Festival. Then, it already had that innocent child-like experience and now it didn’t at all lose its’ essence with Anthina Jansen playing the titular role. Together they created Cindershoeler, a character that hopefully will be in many dreams of those toddlers after watching the show

In die Woud, gives you a landscape of sounds, images and actions of characters and animals in a forest. Jurgen McEwan and Kurt Jonas was physically transforming from being a tree to being an elephant and an ape. And boy oh boy, did they do these animals proud with their soundscapes. Caleb Petersen was the boy in the story always wondering, curious and creating.

I felt like any of the other small children ranging from less then a year old up to 4, sitting with their slushies and laughing so much that the act became infectious for their parents with them in the audience. It was all pure, enjoyable and understandable to the toddlers. And with the interactive quality of the shows they could be apart of the storylines and even help the characters navigate being deserted in a forest and helping Cindershoeler get her voice back!

The production ends with cast members greeting the little ones and their parents at the door. Like some pastors do at the end of a church service. And how parallel these act in their respective context because isn’t theatre suppose to move you like being at a church... And when I answered that for myself, I knew that these shows aren’t just for the little ones but also for any another millenial like myself.

Although the two productions are indicated as separate on the Woordfees-program, it is indeed marketed as double bill - In die Woud and then Cindershoeler. The same is applied to the ticket prices. You buy one ticket for the price of two shows. Now that’s a bargain!

Both productions have performances on 7, 9 and 10th March at the Weltevreden Maize for only R40 at US Woordfees 2018.

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