• Lance-Selae August

A Poole, without water.

Locals of the Cape Winelands region were in for a treat, as Hein Poole hosted his latest comedy production at the Old Mill Theatre, on 13 January 2018. This one-man sketch comedy show, Poole! (Sonder Water), focuses on the Western Cape’s current water crisis, and his efforts and encouragement to his community to help save water. The production was written by Poole himself and is directed by Lee Roodt. The duo has previously worked together closely on productions like Nommerpas, it’s sequel Nommerpas 2, and Fietna, lekker jy.

The production is set on a familiar beach camping site, a place where many of us religiously go to unwind during the festive season. The theme is woven into the story and it makes the timing of the production seem current and relevant, incorporating everyday items like a gazebo, braai and camping gear and of course a cooler-box that undoubtedly comes in handy throughout the festivities. The lighting adds a nice vibrant feel to the production and Poole adds to this tremendously by constantly referring to Christmas and New Years traits synonymous with coloured identity.

Poole cleverly jokes about the current water restrictions, using various characters from the productions that Poole and Roodt worked on together such as, Chrisendo, Derra, Kabouter, Gail and Boeta Chris, who all make an appearance at the vibrant camp site . The production is colourful, both in its comedy, and Poole's quick and efficient costume changes. Once the curtains close and the lights dim, one is easily left longing for more.

"Most residents within the Winelands region are rarely afforded the opportunity to see the world of theatre festivals, and large-scale productions." says Poole. Through this project (and his previous works), he has the goal of entertaining local inhabitants, and to show them the scope of his "Poole" of stories and characters. The Old Mill Theatre is a niche theatre based in Paarl, and he is no stranger to its rustic stage. Having a longstanding history of staging productions at the Old Mill, it made this setting a comfortable place in which to host a preview of his latest works.

The creative team plans to further develop the script by incorporating more characters, skits and hilarious references that audiences are sure to enjoy. The production will return to the stage throughout the course of 2018.

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