• Dean Kotze

#CTFringe17 - Police Cops in Space

The Cape Town Fringe Festival presents The Pretend Men's critically acclaimed production, Police Cops in Space as part of the festival programme for 2017. The Pretend Men are a three man multi-award winning theatre company and comedy collective who are based in the UK, London. The pretenders are, Zachary Hunt, Tom Roe and Nathan Parkinson.

Their most popular debut production Police Cops in Space has received numerous awards, 5 star reviews and have also toured internationally. The production had an extremely successful sold out run at the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and now the multi-award winning comedy trio have brought their theatrical and most memorable blockbuster to South Africa at the Cape Town Fringe.

Following the death of his father, due to an evil robot, Sammy Johnson, the only remaining Police Cop in the universe, must join forces with the Alien fighter pilot Ranger and trusty Cyborg C9 as they embark on an intergalactic adventure across the galaxy to find Earth, avenge the death of his father as well as to become the best Police Cops in space.

It is easy to see why this award winning production has been such a hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as various other venues but most importantly here in Cape Town, South Africa at the University of Cape Town's Little Theatre, which is situated at UCT's Hiddingh Campus in Orange Street, Cape Town. This production is a crowd-pleasing, super-charged and engaging performance and is bound to have the audience in stitches as it will most likely be talked about in the coming days, months or even years, due to its high popularity and success.

Watching the trio jump around the space with their off beat, physical comedy can somewhat be exhausting at times. But one can quickly sense that these talented, young actors are enjoying themselves and are certainly making the most of each and every single performance.

While it may come across as "off-putting" to certain people, watching the actors battling to maintain a straight face for the duration of the production is an absolute joy to watch and leaves the audiences feeling as if they have also been accepted and embraced by this quirky circle of friends. There is absolutely nothing PRETEND about this hilarious and chaotic comical troupe. They have certainly captured the hearts of audiences across the globe and are certainly making their mark.

Some of the moments in the show which stood out for me was the way the company has recreated elaborate science fiction graphics with some of the most amazing props, including a version of 'the jump to lightspeed' from Star Wars, and this was successfully achieved by simply dimming the lights and having two of the cast members rapidly swinging two phosphorescent skipping ropes whilst the other ran through them in slow motion, which I thought was absolutely fantastic and well put together.

Another impressive yet capturing and memorable moment was the use of strobe lighting towards the end and this was because they needed to create a sense of jeopardy amongst all of the comedy. You still have a few chances to go and see this spectacular production, as it is on until Friday, 7 October.

For more information on the Pretend men visit: www.thepretendmen.com.

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