• Lance August

On Set with The Irions

While the general population were going about finishing the years work, and preparing for the festive season, Andice and Geran, a happy, in love, eager and creative couple, were frantically in search of videographers to plan and shoot their #SaveTheDate wedding video. The Vulture Productions team was fortunate to encounter them, and walk the journey to #180317.

Lights! Camera! Action!

It all started with clear and transparent communication, having introduced ourselves to Andice through email. We first met the couple by having an inception meeting at the Artscape Theatre Centre. I audibly remember Andice expressing sentiments regarding it being her first time that she had visited the facility. At the time, we were mid-photo shoot. The couple was in awe of what they saw, and had a foretaste of the experience that we would give them.

The newly-weds wanted an exuberant and creative approach to the traditional wedding invitation. This was deemed to be a ticket to a world-class performance, and came lightly in comparison the preparation that went into the said ‘world-class performance’. Allow me to walk you through this journey:

On 14 January 2017, (a scorcher Mother City day), our crew checked into the penthouse of the Pepperclub Hotel and Spa, to document an assassination-style movie trailer. Starring Hitman, Geran Irion, and Femme Fatale, Andice Watt, the output would be a mission proved impossible as these two ‘killers’ would fall in love, join forces, and conquer the world of evil, together.

True to her larger than life persona, Andice was responsible for laughter aplenty, through accidently breaking props, countless retakes, and various costume changes: the result being her looking flawless and breathtaking on camera. Geran confidently took up his artillery, followed direction and proverbially killed his target in a sophisticated and swift manner. He is worthy of James Bond status!

Later that day, the hot sun had taken its toll on the cast and crew. We had to deal with the cacophony of the Klopse, the steep slopes of the Bo-Kaap streets, and the endless interruptions caused by cars. Our operations were certainly an attraction to tourists, who often stopped to observe our processes. While shooting our exterior scenes, it was expected of the couple to rehearse a fighting sequence. We believe that their love is so strong, that not even the most painful of punches or kicks would be able to disrupt this match made in heaven.

An ongoing working relationship formed

After teasers, chuckle-worthy voice notes via WhatsApp, and a month of post-production, we were able to present the couple with their finished video, and it couldn’t have been met with stronger gratitude and appreciation. The completion of the video paved the way for an ongoing professional relationship between Vulture Productions and the couple.

The couple has entered the SA Weddings Bride of the Year competition, and was selected as a finalist for March 2017. To view their competition campaign, click here.

Of course, the day of shooting had its funny moments, which we have compiled into a blooper reel:

You can vote for the Irion couple by sending AI712 to 36697. SMS tariffs are R5.00.

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