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#Nommerpas2 - at the US Woordfees 2017

Hein Poole is a talented, energetic actor/writer and director who hails from Wellington. True to the Vulture ethos, he has established himself as a theatre practitioner of great stature. Through his work, Hein shows that he can truly make-do with limited resources. His dedication, drive and unfaltering commitment to his craft, has him at the helm of many successful theatre productions, most having debuted at some of South Africa’s major theatre festivals, like KKNK, Suidoosterfees and US Woordfees.

Hein has produced, written and starred in productions such as Fietna Lekker jy (Artscape, 2013) Broodlyn (Woordfees, 2016) and Nommerpas (Artscape, 2015). He was also a cast member in the legendary production of Mama Africa: The Musical, which toured through New York, Columbia, Missouri, and recently, the Artscape Theatre Centre.

Being no stranger to Woordfees, he is grateful that Nommerpas 2 has been selected to perform at a platform of this magnitude. “There is always a risk when entering a production into a festival when you are unsure how much time and money the production will consume”, says Hein.

His latest production and sequel Nommerpas 2, which debuted at the 2016 Suidoosterfees, is now on at the US Woordfees. The idea for Nommerpas (1) was borne out of memories of him and his father playing a simple game of Lotto. He developed the concept into a collection of dramatised comedy skits, told through the eyes of a horse racetrack manager. The production recently partnered with JaneeKyk Productions, whose association has brought great structure to the Nommerpas franchise.

Directed by Gaerin Hauptfleisch, audiences will be coerced into instantaneous moments of elation and despair. The production promises to have you on the edge of your seat (and rolling with laughter). Hein has recruited some incredibly resourceful theatre practitioners to help him bring his concept to life. He shares the stage with Lee Roodt, Annemarie Hattingh and Elizna Swanepoel to bring forth a sequel that is guaranteed to be MORE entertaining and EVEN funnier than its predecessor.

For those who are able to rush out of the office, Nommerpas 2 will open at the US Woordfees on Friday, 10 March at 17:30, and will have its second and final performance on Sunday, 12 March at 20:30. The production will be staged at Cloetesville High School. Tickets can be purchased at Computicket outlets.

Hashtag: #Nommerpas2 | Facebook: JaneeKyk Produksies | Instagram: @heinpoole

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