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Meet Aunty Gabieba Zuma-Gupta

Aunty Gabieba is certainly a name that no one can forget. She is known and loved by one and all within her community, with people looking up to her as that "Aunty from down the road". Her caring and spontaneous personality attracts everyone in her surrounds, who always turn to her for guidance. And now, Aunty Gabieba will be making her way to The Artscape Arena in her very own production as part of the 2017 Suidoosterfees for Legends.

Starring Christian Bennett as "Aunty Gabieba" and featuring singer, Fuaad Richards (11) and Virgil Williams (23), a Spanish guitar player. The production is bound to have the audience in stitches. Aunty Gabieba is a comedienne of note and there is certainly never a dull moment with her in the room. You are bound to expect laughter all the time as she boasts with her culinary skills, to show them how it should be done (the Gabieba way of course!).

There is something within Aunty Gabieba's journey which we can all relate to, and you can be sure you will miss your mother's cooking once Aunty Gabieba springs into action.

Aunty Gabieba hails from the Cape Flats where she raised Fuaad and Virgil. The boys are not hers biologically, but she's cared for them as if they were her own. They are constantly kept on their toes as Aunty Gabieba is a disciplinarian and extremely protective, who keeps mentioning that she doesn't want to be a Grandmother at the age of 35!

"I try not to prepare too much for the role, as everything Aunty Gabieba does, is improvised ... she is constantly thinking on her feet", Bennett says. The performance at the Artscape Arena is specifically designed for the Suidoosterfees. "We want our audience members to come and enjoy themselves and have a good laugh and to forget about the stresses of their day."

Speaking to the director, Dean Van der Ventel, he mentioned that they are exploring the idea of building Aunty Gabieba into a TV series, but that it is still in the development process. The production also appreciates the legends within our communities, as Aunty Gabieba highlights the people who make a difference on a daily basis. She will also be featuring two surprise guests who will be joining her on her stage, performing a hit song - which will most definitely capture the hearts of audiences, but who these two surprise guests are, you will simply just have to wait and see!

The production has only one performance on Saturday 29 April starting at 16:30 in the Artscape Arena. Tickets are R90 and this is a must-see for all lovers of theatre and comedy, so do ensure to book your ticket early, to avoid disappointment and please note that it does carry an age restriction.

Aunty Gabieba looks forward to having you there. To book your tickets now, Click Here

Photos by Vulture Protography

For more information, you can find Aunty Gabieba on social media:

@Aunty_Gabieba (Instagram) | Facebook: Aunty Gabieba | @ChristianBennett_ (Instagram)

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